World Champion Pilot Jason Krause

Jason isn’t like ordinary pilots. This champion of the RC Heli circuit not only pilots the ultra-popular T-Rex 450, he’s also responsible for designing a new model to be available (as a full kit) later this year.

Along with Alan Szabo Jr. – a fellow champion – the duo regularly impresses spectators with their “make-it-look-easy” brand of flying.

To viewers new to the sport, you may think the video is slow and somewhat on the simple side. After all, Jason’s only maneuvering around desktop computers, desks and office chairs. How hard can that be?

But to heli enthusiasts who know the amount of control and talent needed to contrive such precision, the video is a true feast for the eyes.

Indoor flight has a niche all its own. Considered infinitely more difficult than outdoor flying, indoor flights have the potential to crush your spirit as a pilot. As you could imagine, the blades too close to the wall, ceiling, or any other protruding object could spell instant disaster for your heli.

Not to mention the stability required to fly a level path when needed. Jason shows a fantastic display of flying with an otherwise mundane video – and that’s something extremely hard to do.

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