Thunder Tiger Raptor E550

You don’t just get behind the wheel of a car and drive across country on your first ever driving attempt.

Can you imagine the disastrous results?

The same applies for a RC helicopter. You don’t want to fork over thousands of bucks for the best heli on the market, only to dig a hole with it your very first flight.

With the Thunder Tiger Raptor E550, future RC heli enthusiasts can learn the ropes with a mid-sized, ultra-performing electric model that is worth its weight in gold.

The Thunder Tiger Raptor E550

The Thunder Tiger Raptor E550

The Raptor E550, though targeted by many RC lovers as a “training” heli, has quickly become a mainstay for people of all skill levels.

Before Thunder Tiger’s new take on the Raptor 30 (nitro), modelers would buy their way up the ladder, e.g. each time their skill level advanced, they would purchase a new heli.

With the E550, you can hone your skills for CP flying and work your way up to a 3D without having to spend countless dollars on various models.

The E550 is basically comprised of the same parts from previous models like the 30.

So for anyone familiar with the brand, it’s a relatively easy kit to throw together. This heli boasts the same rotor head and tail drive system, and has an improved frame to handle the electric motor.

The heli is built mostly from lightweight aluminum, and has an inclined Li-Po battery for quick changes between flights.

Purchasing a complete kit for the Thunder Tiger Raptor E550 will only set you back around $300.

If you’re just getting the hang of RC heli flying, this is a great investment. And even if you’re an old pro who has their fair share of 3D helis, this fast and sturdy copter is a great purchase if you’re looking for something on the smaller size.

It’s easy to control and it can definitely hang up there with the big boys.

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