The Newly Designed T-Rex 450

In order for a new product to qualify as “news” in the RC Heli world, it has to be fierce, competitive, and mind-blowing… and even that’s barely enough to catch someone’s attention. In order to be taken seriously, it has to be a big name in this increasingly big game we call RC modeling.

Is the T-Rex enough to get you focused? If not, you must have been hibernating for the past 5 years. The T-Rex has become an industry standard in RC Heli flying.

Jason Krause, a big name in the RC world, took the reigns for the redesign of an already classic copter model.

T-Rex has forcefully commanded the respect of RC modelers. Offering power, speed, maneuverability, and an all-around competition-worthy makeup, T-Rex stands in a category all its own.

The newly JK (Jason Krause) designed T-Rex 450 features single side frames on a very strong yet simply layout.

The servo and linkage layout is vastly improved from older models. The rotor head – one of the frequently lower-rated features on previous T-Rex models – was completely redone to ensure increased precision.

The new powerful tail design is counter-weight balanced with blade grips and reduced RPM in the tail. The one-piece carbon/plastic landing gear isn’t as attractive as previous models, but works to add stability and durability while decreasing overall weight.

The JK T-Rex 450 isn’t slated for release as a full kit yet.

Further details will be released as the model’s plans go forward, with an injection of future information expected to land in April. For current, up-to-date pictures and information of the T-Rex check with

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