The Micro Align T-Rex 250

Micro RC helicopters are among some of the most popular models in circulation today.

These do-it-yourself choppers are used both indoors and outdoors, in competitions, and provide countless hours of flying fun.

There’s really no discernable difference with a micro heli, other than the fact it can flown in smaller spaces. When it comes down to it, for the average RC enthusiast, a good micro heli is a much-needed addition to the collection.

Up in the Sky – It’s a Bird, it’s a… Helicopter? The “Barely There” Micro Align T-Rex 250

And with the Align T-Rex 250 Micro, heli lovers far and wide can enjoy the convenient performance of this powerful model.

The 250 is a far cry from past T-Rex models. For starters, this is Align’s first attempt at a micro heli.

And taking constructive criticism very well, Align has made great improvements to certain areas like the pinion gear and the tail boom. Its size, relative to past T-Rex models like the 500 and 450, is miniscule, yet the performance doesn’t suffer.

This electric heli comes in bits and pieces, but it’s a synch to assemble. Even the most novice model fans out there can tighten the screws and be ready to launch in hours.

The head comes fully assembled, leaving you to only assemble the flybar cage. Perhaps the hardest part in assembly is threading the ball links.

But if you clamp the link rod, you can easily thread them on with your hand. The carbon mainframe is also assembled out of the bag, and is similar to the 450 model – just on a smaller scale.

This rigid structure allows for intense 3D flights. The landing gear is easy to snap together, and the tail is factory ready. After fitting the tail boom, mount the ESC, clean up the wires, set the pitch range, and you’re ready to fly.

The Align T-Rex 250 comes in three separate kits:

  • Standard, with motor and ESC
  • Combo Standard kit plus three digital servos for cyclic
  • Super Combo, combo plus heading lock gyro and rudder servo.
  • The micro heli is very powerful to be electric, and it can withstand some wicked crashed (though it’s recommended you actually attempt a good landing). The total length is 430mm, and it only weighs 330g fully assembled.

    For everything you get with Align’s T-Rex 250 Micro, you’ll only pay around $200.

    Align is a widely recognized name in the world of modelers. When it comes to high-performing, cutting edge helis, they’re one of the best in the business.

    Their relentless innovation earns them top honors amongst enthusiasts, and high marks on forums like

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