The AP-2000i Flight Stabilizer

Whether you’re a new RC heli pilot, looking to keep your flights on the straight and narrow, an old pro trying to trick out every copter in your collection with the latest tech gadgets, or even an aerial photographer always on the lookout for the perfect balance, nothing on the market today seems to be better at keeping your heli stable than the AP-2000i Flight Stabilizer.

The AP-2000i is one of the hottest products with heli enthusiasts at the moment.

But does it really live up to its top billing?

Spartan RC is offering this heli add-on for use in scale model helis, models without a flybar and any aerial photography heli.

the-ap-2000i-flight-stabilizerThis CCPM Mixer, Digital Cyclic Ring and Advanced Flight Stabilizer gadget sees itself as much more than a one-trick pony; it claims to score a hat trick with its all-in-one functioning finesse.

Spartan advertises this medium-range priced add-on as the most advanced aeromodelling product available, and the word on the street is that this little tool does a great job.

The first—and most heli enthusiasts would argue, the most important—aspect of the gizmo is the actual Advanced Flight Stabilizer.

It was supposedly specifically designed to help your heli recover fast to smooth hovering functionality – something even the most skilled pilots among us wouldn’t sneeze at. It’s also ready to support both inertial and infrared horizon sensors, and if you’d rather fly without its help, like Tom Hanks in Apollo 13, it can be disabled quickly.

The second feature is the Digital Cyclic Ring, which basically helps to eliminate the swashplate binding that occurs at extreme diagonal stick deflections.

And just as with the AFS, if pilots wish to fly solo, aka manly, the feature can be switched off.

The third of the major features is the CCPM Mixer. This enables endpoint adjustment, digital center-point trims and servo reversing, among other things.

It also provides precision rotor adjustments and supports mechanically mixed swashplates.

The device is extremely lightweight for what it does. Coming in at only 25 grams, the Flight Stabilizer operates on 4-10 volts and has a compact design of 55mm x 36mm x 13mm.

The buzz around the heli world seems to be that this little product has taken off and is worth taking out for a spin.

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