M.S.H Mini Protos Flying Over Ship Side

A YouTuber called simply Crudbucket conducts a challenging and masterful flying of his M.S.H Mini Protos rc heli alongside a ship near the city of Gladstone in Australia. While flying there is crosswind ever changing background, and the ship itself moves at the speed of 14 knots or rougly about 16 miles per hour! The […]

A UFO? No It’s Tony Whiteside’s Compass at Night!

Tony Whiteside is flying his Compass 3D Plus (50) at night at the Bessemer 2011 Funfly. He is literally illuminating the ditch in what appears to be an extremely challenging piloting. He is kicking it hard with his Compass 3D Plus at night using spotlights attached to his rc heli. Not only does Tony manage […]