T-Rex 600 Las Vegas Freestyle

Watch how Justin once again demonstrates his moves flying a T-Rex.
This kid started with a simulator at two years old and now he can dominate R/C helis.

Justin With A 600 T-Rex Reaching For The Sky

Watch how a five year old that started with a simulator at two years old can do with an R/C helicotper now!

He make this helicopter take off like a rocket. Then he performs moves that
almost puts me in a trance. I’ts amazing what this five year old can do.

Watch how he flies this electric T-Rex backwards. He also flies it inverted
just inches from the ground too.

Look at the canopy’s paint job.

It catches your eyes when its up in the air.
Even when the heli tries to get lost in the air its hard to miss it with that paint job.

So what are you waitng for. Click the play button and enjoy.

Once again, this kid is only five years old.

Watch it and be amazed.

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