Second Annual Orlando Helicopter Blowout

Fans of RC helis were in for a treat last year. The RCACF (Radio Control Association of Central Florida) put on a show for the ages last December with their inaugural fun-fly, and some of the sport’s best, brightest and boldest showed up to take advantage of the three-day event.

This year’s event will mirror last year’s, with the fun-fly taking place on the RCACF field.

Not only is the event the perfect opportunity for pilots young and old to showcase their talents, but Orlando offers up a picturesque setting, even in mid December, with sunny skies—sky willing—and plenty of that classic Florida heat to help melt away the wintertime blues.

The Orlando Helicopter Blowout will officially launch on December 11 and wrap up on the 13th.

This is one of the last major events to be held in the area before the New Year, and certainly some pilots’ last chance to dazzle the audience before the Christmas bells ring.

RCAFC prides itself on being spectator and family-friendly, and the location proved to be the perfect setting for a spectator sport when the Blowout went off without a hitch last year.

The field is in close proximity to many hotels and other shops, and, of course, Orlando is known the world over for being home to the famed Disney World.

But with the all-star list of pilots, watching the helis in action will provide just as many thrills as any roller coaster.

The event is scheduled to have a plethora of the sport’s top pilots, but this doesn’t mean that all pilots aren’t welcome. There’s a $20 landing fee for pre-registration, and a $25 fee for on-site registration.

But it’s not all fun and games.

Well, technically, it is all fun and games – but there is a first-place trophy up for grabs, and everyone would love some good mantle fodder forever proving their talents.

The non-sponsored pilot contest will judge flyers on choreography, placement, tech merit and originality. To the winner go the spoils.

The field opens up on 8am Friday, December 11th and the event will play on well through Sunday. All pilots are welcome to show up and participate, and like with any event, the more fans the merrier. Everyone’s welcome to participate in the Orlando Helicopter Blowout.

Who: The RCACF

What: The Orlando Helicopter Blowout Fun-Fly

Field Address: 203 W. Keene Road,

Apopka, Fl,


When: December 11, 2009 – Opens at 8am

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