Phoenix Model Flight Simulator

Before astronauts are launched into space, they’re given plenty of practice on flight simulators. The reason: it saves lives and helps to build a good pilot.

You won’t see this type of dedication watching your run-of-the-mill deep space movie.

The same logic applies with RC helicopters. If you’re not already savvy on flying your copter around, it only makes sense that you learn the ins and outs with a simulator.

No matter how many times you crash on a video game, you can always start over and make corrections. The real world isn’t near as forgiving.

The Phoenix Model Flight Simulator is at the top of the technological field in terms of automated flight training tools.

The Phoenix Model Flight Simulator

The Phoenix Model Flight Simulator

Phoenix lets users experience what it’s like to fly their favorite models of RC helis and fixed-wing model planes.

You can learn to hover upright and inverted, learn to maneuver in midair and to land flawlessly. These training tactics will enable you to become a great real-life pilot, and drastically cut down on the odds you’ll make a mistake that leaves your copter in ruins.

Once you learn the basics, you can even learn tricks (great for moderately skilled users) like rolling circuits, tick-tocks, pirouette flips, prop hanging, and more.

The graphics are absolutely astonishing, and the reaction time of the control to movement function is adjustable, so you’re able to ease into a more advanced way of flying.

Even though this is a training tool for real copter flying, it still works essentially as a highly detailed video game, providing hours of fun and picturesque landscapes and scenery.

After downloading the disc onto your computer, the first thing to do is set up your user controls. After that, you can pick an aircraft, choose your field of flight, and begin to fly your model.

It acts 100% like a model heli, so there’s no discernable difference once you make the switch to the real thing. These flight simulators are a staple in the RC platform, and Phoenix has provided an incredible system for RC lovers around the world.

You can purchase the flight simulator for $159, and it’s compatible with Windows 2000/Vista/XP w/1GHz Pentium III/4 or AMD Athlon/64; Geforce 4200/ATI 9600 with 128MB; 256MB RAM; 750MB disk space; CD-ROM/DVD; Free USB port.

And you can choose from many helicopters to fly: Augusta 109, Ecuriel, BO-105 a/Arctic, Buzzard-50, Dauphin, Hughes-500, Easyfly-50, Sapphire, Sea Squirrel, Tiger, and many, many more.

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