FPV Helicopter Spies on the Danube Tower Visitors in Austria

muni86 is at it again with his first person view (FPV) rc heli. This time spying and surveying the very tall building called Danube Tower. Once muni86 gets closer to the tower you can actually see people taking pictures of the helicopter. There is also some fun airplane (EasyStar plane) interplay at work here, and […]

How To Track Your R/C Helicopter Blades

Track your blades? I really didn’t know what the heck that meant. I’m certain I am not the only beginner that had this challenge.
I’m going to explain tracking based on what I have learned throughout the years. People might have different and possibly better tracking methods, but I will break it down for you from my perspective.

Juz is Showing Off his FPV Skills

Juz is playing with his FPV quadcopter again, and this time he does a lot of inverted flying. The music selection will create a good atmospheric ambience and supports the overall theme of just letting your passion take you wherever it may. At the end, if you are attentive, you will notice Juz smiling slightly […]