What is the deal with mCCPM and eCCPM?

I know how tough it is being a beginner. I was there once. It’s already hard to grasp all the terminology that’s floating all over the place, but lucky you, I have more… What I am going to do is tell you a little more about the swash plate. I want to go into more […]

AH-64D Apache in Phoenix RC V3 with a Spektrum DX8 Receiver

This video shows the Ah-64D Apache flying around and trying not to crash. The level of detail the Phoenix Simulator provides is mind boggling. This is definitely worth your investment because you can crash as many rc helis as you like, and you get to experience a wide variety of models, which in turn gives […]

2012 Annual Mid America R/C Heli Fun Fly June 1st, 2nd, 3rd in Grosse Ile, MI

  Location: Address:  Grosse Ile Municipal Airport, Grosse Ile MI Google Maps:  http://bit.ly/ya0r1H   Registration: Landing fee:  $30.00 3 days of flying at a premiere facility with some of the best pilots on the planet. Hot dog lunch Friday and Saturday. Event t-shirt (free with preregistration only). Raffle tickets (5 included with preregistration or 1 […]