Century Raven SE


The Raven brand of RC heli has been one of these trusted names for a long time now. They’ve introduced the modeling world to a few mega-popular helis, and their latest release, the Century SE, comes fully equipped with the necessary upgrades needed to compete in today’s high-flying marketplace. The Century SE is a familiar […]

Blade 400 3D RTF Electric Mini Helicopter


There’s a lot to be said about convenience. When you purchase something, regardless of what it is, being able to use it as soon as you get it out of the box is always a plus. And when you talk about the many models of RC Helis available out there, ready-to-fly models are always among […]

The OK Sooner Squadron Fun Fly


With the sport of RC Heli modeling literally taking off to never-before-seen heights, many new events are opening up all over the country. From the northeastern to southwestern United States and everywhere in between, modelers are invited to showcase their skill-sets at any one of dozens of events annually. Although many new and exciting Fun […]

World Champion Pilot Jason Krause

World Champion Pilot Jason Krause

If you think it’s difficult to properly fly an RC heli in the open air, try flying it in an office. That’s right; you read it correctly. World Champion pilot Jason Krause gives an impressive display of pure focus and control in his viral video “A Day at the Office.”

The Newly Designed T-Rex 450

In order for a new product to qualify as “news” in the RC Heli world, it has to be fierce, competitive, and mind-blowing… and even that’s barely enough to catch someone’s attention. In order to be taken seriously, it has to be a big name in this increasingly big game we call RC modeling. Is […]

The 2009 Phoenix Fun Fly


Ladies, gentlemen and heli-crazed fans of all ages, step right up and witness one of the sport’s most exciting and fun-filled tour stops! The Phoenix Fun Fly, presented by the Arizona Rotary Modeler’s Society, is taking place over a 3-day span this year: February 27, 28, and March 1. The 13th celebration of the Phoenix […]

2006 Mark McAlpine Scale FunFly

Mark McAlpine Scale FunFly

In a wicked display of pure control, unadulterated talent, and a propensity for living on the edge, Alan Szabo Jr. turns RC heli critics into true believers with the awesome demo he puts on using his newly motored Align T-Rex 600 E. Taking place at the 2006 Mark McAlpine Scale FunFly in Las Vegas, Nevada, Alan shows fans a world’s worth of aerial stunts in only 4 minutes.