The OS 91 for F3C Competition

All over the world, there are literally millions of people who live for F3C heli competition. They’re not out purchasing the latest beginning copters for $199.99 and hoping to avoid a crash in the nearest gulley.

To the contrary, competition pilots give their heart, soul, and wallets to this enthusiastic sport, all the while learning how to pull off some spectacular aerial stunts with their expensive machinery.

When the competition’s looking a little stiff, you need a performance edge. Even the best pilot can’t perform if the equipment isn’t up to snuff. For a perfect example of this, you needn’t look any further than Formula One Racing’s legend Fangio, and see the struggles he went through when driving an under-performing car.

To ensure that heli pilots have all the available power they can possibly get, OS Engines releases their 91HZ F3C Competition Heli Engine.

Designed specifically for competition flying, the 91HZ is an ultra-powerful, high-end engine that delivers a ton of juice to your heli. It also gives your assembled heli of choice a much-needed boost in the hovering stability department, which is what a competition model needs in order to execute comp-level maneuvers flawlessly, time and again. OS pitches their engine by stating it’s for “discriminating pilots looking for an edge!”

Although, you don’t have to be a comp pilot to fly like one. This engine is a great upgrade for any compatible heli.

With a newly designed piston and crankshaft, the vibrations are reduced and the torque stability is improved over the entire rpm range. The engine also has a rectangular heatsink, allowing the entire engine to fit snugly inside the cooling shroud, in order to maximize the cooling effects and lower the operational temperatures.

To further keep this powerful little monster cooled down, a thermo insulator on the carb blocks engine heat – this also ensures a more stable fuel-to-air mix. The engine includes a needle valve control lever that allows pilots to make in-flight adjustments to the carburetor as needed.

This engine isn’t the cheapest available, however; but it is one the best and brightest produced for F3C flying. It retails for around $600, and can probably be picked up elsewhere (i.e. the black market) for around $400.

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