The OK Sooner Squadron Fun Fly

With the sport of RC Heli modeling literally taking off to never-before-seen heights, many new events are opening up all over the country.

From the northeastern to southwestern United States and everywhere in between, modelers are invited to showcase their skill-sets at any one of dozens of events annually.

Although many new and exciting Fun Flies are etching their mark into the event board, old favorites remain among the most popular.

The 25th Annual OK Sooner Squadron Fun Fly is taking place this April.

On Saturday and Sunday, April 4th and 5th, pilots from around the country will show up to let their helis loose in an unmatched display of aerial excellence.

The event takes place in Guthrie, Oklahoma on a beautiful and expansive field.

If the past events have been any indication, the skies will be clear and blue and the sights and sounds will draw in spectators from miles away.

Unlike many Fun Fly events on the circuit, OK Sooner Squadron is open for business all day. From 9 a.m. Saturday morning ‘til the wee hours of Sunday, pilots will be able to compete against one another and showcase their skills in the event. Sunday’s schedule also begins at 9 a.m. but ends at sundown.

ok-sooner-squadron-fun-flyAMA membership is a requirement for all pilots, and the fee to participate in the event is $20.

Demo flights will be held, raffles and other prize drawings are available, and if you have a hankering for a good old-fashioned cheeseburger, concession stands will provide the fuel for the battle-worn pilots and spectators.

Details about overnight camping on the field are vague at this point, but a list of the area’s best hotels is a warning that RVs may not be welcome to park overnight.

The Oklahoma location is huge and nearly impossible to miss from the highway. Simply take I-35 to Exit 151 (Seward Rd.), go east for around three miles, and you’ll see the entrance on the left.

Bring your camera and a few extra bucks for a burger. Oh, and don’t forget your heli!

Get driving directions in Google Maps:

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