Gaui 200 Hurricane 3D

Okay, guys, the next time your girlfriend says “size matters,” make sure you fire up your heli and mow over her hairdo while she’s watching Oprah. And don’t use that gigantic T-Rex to show your masculinity.

Make sure you surprise her with the small and compact mini heli, the Gaui 200 Hurricane.

This mini copter has the same capabilities of the meanest and ugliest scale or comp heli, only in a much smaller package – not to mention the price tag.

Gaui brings their sub-micro heli with all-CNC components and a carbon fiber frame to the market. It is slated as the only micro heli available that performs exactly like a 400-size RC copter.

The careful attention to detail and the superior craftsmanship involved with the Gaui ensures an ultra-performing machine, more than capable of 3D flight, including inverted flight and full-on aerobatics.

When you see the Gaui 200’s size, you’re already thinking that it’s extremely light-weight, but the 90% carbon frame keeps this little puppy as light as a feather.

It comes with a decal sheet so you can add some flash and pizzazz if that’s your thing, or you can customize the carbon canopy with your own graphics for a personalized touch.

The Gaui 200 comes with a belt-driven tail rotor system with one-way main gear or SD shaft drive; swash plate and rotor head system equipped with all-precision CNC titanium anodized aluminum; fully equipped ball bearings; variable pitch mechanism; and much more.

You can pick one of these miniature gems up for around $250-300 at your local hobby shop. They’re relatively easy to get the hang of, and no matter where you choose to fly it, there’s always going to be room for this micro heli.

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