Exceed G2 Version 2

The Exceed RC G2 is a 3D aerobatic capable 400 Class electric 6-Channel RTF helicopter.

This model was developed by Raptor, one of the leading names in RC models today. The heli is ready to fly out of the box in mere minutes, and includes everything you need to get it straight up in the air, including a battery pack, motor, FM radio system, and more.

This all-inclusive model is a smash hit with everyone from beginners to enthusiasts.

The most advanced micro electric design concepts were employed in the G2’s construction.

The heli offers things like collective pitch control, which enables pilots to fly in any direction they choose.

exceed-g2-version-2The transition from forward flight to hover is a breeze and the negative pitch is a snap when you’re ready to try out your rolls and loops.

G2 comes with an installed mixing board featuring controls for the main and tail rotors and speed control.

The agility and speed of Raptor’s newest gem is second-to-none.

This ultra quick responsive and lightweight heli can outmaneuver most anything in its class. The advanced component configuration provides perfect balance, and the belt-driven tail rotor design adds to the easy handling capabilities.

The heli is small and durable, with a beautiful black, yellow and blue body. The best part about the heli, however, is the price you’ll pay for it. You can grab the kit today for under $200 at most stores.

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