E-Flite Prepares to Unleash Their New Blade-Series RC Helicopter

For RC heli modelers, breaking news doesn’t usually involve a reckless driver veering off the road into a flooded river, prompting him to get out and try to walk across to safety.

Yeah, that one’s been on the “news” five times this year. Instead, interesting news to modelers has to do with who’s got the latest dish on the big event of the year, or when will Li-Po batteries be available with fly-all-day power?

Another type of interesting news has to do with who’s releasing the best products this year, and where can I get them?

E-flite, who is famous for their Blade CX heli, is set to release the newest version of this marvelously maneuvering monster, the Blade CX3. The CX stands for “coaxial,” and this model quickly flew off the shelves after E-flite’s original release.

The CX3 will still contain many of the great features that made the popular such a must-have, and will also include some new, never-before-seen features that will drive heli nuts crazy.

As a way to improve on their previous designs, E-flite has equipped the CX3 with a heading lock gyro that is now incorporated into the 3-in-1 control unit. Also, the officially licensed MD 520N canopy adds a scale look to the helicopter, bringing a more realistic approach to the design.

Instead of needing to know your way around a ridiculously small tool-kit, the CX3 will come out the box fully assembled and ready to fly, along with a DSM2 2.4GHz radio.

There’s also a “Bind-N-Fly” version that comes along with the CX3 that allows you to bind it to any other available DSM2 transmitter from E-Flite, JR, or Spektrum.

There’s only another month to wait for this highly anticipated release – due out in February – so be sure to cancel out your birthday gift for Abe Lincoln. The RTF (ready to fly) version of this heli will be on the shelves of your local hobby shop for around $200, with the BNF (Bind-N-Fly) version available for around $170.

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