RC Heli Crash Resistant Battery Holder

Boom-crash-burn: That’s usually how the life of a RC helicopter heroically ends.

Today’s copters are well-built; they offer a longer life, more rigid parts, superior craftsmanship.

But when you attempt a death-defying stunt, hit a phone pole (where did that come from!?), and collide with the hard gravel at top speed, even the strongest copter gives way to the brutal force of gravity-x-oops.

Instead of replacing the entire helicopter, you may find it easier, and more cost-effective/time-friendly to purchase one of the new state-of-the-art copter products, such as the Crash Resistant Battery Holder.

The New Crash Resistant Battery Holder for your RC Heli

The New Crash Resistant Battery Holder for your RC Heli

Have an unbalanced heli?

Don’t worry; it’s not a medical condition. An off-balance helicopter is a major cause of crashes for beginning flyers.

The after-market Crash Resistant Battery Holder can ensure that your helicopter is not only balanced for its next flight, but that your battery will be fully protected in the unfortunate event of a crash.

Other perks of this item include a less than stock weight, and a better all-around grip on your battery. This extra is easy to install and very fairly priced – usually around $10.

With the high price of various batteries offered today, such the assortment of Lithium batteries, it’s important to keep them fully protected.

Not only does this battery holder enable you to properly balance your heli, it keeps your investment from becoming another victim of the crash. After a helicopter crash, your battery may be damaged and you’d never know until it was too late.

Instead of the battery being destroyed, your entire heli is now paying the price for the overlooked defect.

Since the battery holder weighs less than stock, your RC helicopter will see increased flight and maneuverability.

You can also play around with the center of gravity, giving your heli an intentionally off-balanced flight (for more skilled flyers). The durable plastic design can withstand tremendous force.

And unlike other attachments available on the after-market, this is rather simple to install – even for beginners.

This product comes to you courtesy of flyrcrivesud.com, one of the foremost manufacturers of RC helicopter parts, both stock and after-market.

Their products are shipped free with orders over $50, and you can find everything you need for your RC helicopter, from video tutorials to replacement gears and blades.

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