CH-47 Chinook Military RC Helicopter

Are you ready to be a Marine? Well, you don’t have to go enlist just yet. With the sleek and stylish CH-47 Chinook, radio flyers can experience a true-to-life military vehicle without standing on the front lines to hitch a ride.

Although the Chinook isn’t the only military edition RC helicopter available on the market, it is, however, one of the more technologically advanced, easy-to-fly models to hit the market in years – for any style or genre.

Many 1980s and 90s RC chopper enthusiasts may recall the difficulties with interference.

You could fly your helicopter freely – as long as you weren’t around power lines, cell phones, or anyone with another RC chopper.

Yeah, it was pretty much a lonely man’s sport. With the state-of-the-art, 2.4 GHz technology in the Chinook, interference is a thing of the past.

The newest version of the Chinook Tandem 4 channel radio controlled electric helicopter offers a quick-response system for the easiest maneuverability.

The “lock-on” feature means that you’ll never experience any interference from an outside source. Chinook also leads the revolutions in two co-axial rotor systems, which function together to give the helicopter ultimate stability.

There’s no balancing act when you fly; only blue skies and slick moves.

The Walkera Chinook Tandem arrives ready to fly (fully assembled), so there’s no fussing around with “spare” parts like choppers of the past. Beginners can easily get a grasp for flying the Chinook, and professionals will be in admiration of its true capabilities.

The new ground-up design of the Chinook has made it possible for every piece of the helicopter to take advantage of the latest technology. It’s extremely lightweight for a co-axial model, and the camouflaged detailing is stellar.

Chinook has an all-up weight of 768g, including battery; overall length of 575mm; 7.4V 2200mAh Li-Po battery; 4 X 370SH drive system; RX-2409 receiver, and WK-2401 transmitter.

It also features a highly emulational shape and increased flight time with the Li-Po battery.

If you’re a fan of other Military models like the Blackhawk, Longbow, Apache, and Comanche, the Walkera Chinook Tandem RC copter will be a welcomed addition to the collection.

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