Century Raven SE

The Raven brand of RC heli has been one of these trusted names for a long time now.

They’ve introduced the modeling world to a few mega-popular helis, and their latest release, the Century SE, comes fully equipped with the necessary upgrades needed to compete in today’s high-flying marketplace.

The Century SE is a familiar heli to anyone previously familiar with any type of Nitro Century.

The layout is basically the same, employing the direct connect CCPM system that’s standard with every Raven release, and the stacked frame set is close to its Hawk counterpart.

This new release from Raven is loaded with upgraded features to increase flight time, maneuverability, and its overall ease of use will make any skilled pilot a force to be reckoned with.

The Raven Century SE was recently tested with the “big boys” of 3D flight.

century-raven-seIn a head-to-head battle against an OS 50 Hyper and a set of Hitec servos, Raven performed beautifully, giving up no ground as its dexterous movements turned skeptics into believers with one flight.

Raven is able to hover perfectly (even hands-free) without trim adjustments, and even a strong wind couldn’t throw this aerodynamic marvel off course.

The Century SE holds its line very well in forward flight, and goes into turns with great angles at high speeds.

The cyclic pitch response is quick, and while its collective pitch response could use some improvement, it still performs very well.

Overall, this heli holds up very well against the competition.

And for just under $300, the price is spot on for anyone looking to add Raven’s latest contribution to their stable.

Although it can perform with the top dogs of 3D flight, the Raven is suggested more for the beginner to intermediate crowd.

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