RC Helicopters for Real World Applications

RC Helis in Commercial Applications

Operating radio-controlled helicopters is a pastime for enthusiasts, but these versatile machines have potential to be used for much more than a hobby. Because of their small size and range, rc helis are a tool of choice for commercial applications such as aerial photography and filming, law enforcement, military photojournalism and remote surveillance. They are […]

Second Annual Orlando Helicopter Blowout

Fans of RC helis were in for a treat last year. The RCACF (Radio Control Association of Central Florida) put on a show for the ages last December with their inaugural fun-fly, and some of the sport’s best, brightest and boldest showed up to take advantage of the three-day event. This year’s event will mirror […]

The OK Sooner Squadron Fun Fly


With the sport of RC Heli modeling literally taking off to never-before-seen heights, many new events are opening up all over the country. From the northeastern to southwestern United States and everywhere in between, modelers are invited to showcase their skill-sets at any one of dozens of events annually. Although many new and exciting Fun […]

The Newly Designed T-Rex 450

In order for a new product to qualify as “news” in the RC Heli world, it has to be fierce, competitive, and mind-blowing… and even that’s barely enough to catch someone’s attention. In order to be taken seriously, it has to be a big name in this increasingly big game we call RC modeling. Is […]

The 2009 Phoenix Fun Fly


Ladies, gentlemen and heli-crazed fans of all ages, step right up and witness one of the sport’s most exciting and fun-filled tour stops! The Phoenix Fun Fly, presented by the Arizona Rotary Modeler’s Society, is taking place over a 3-day span this year: February 27, 28, and March 1. The 13th celebration of the Phoenix […]

The 4th Annual Smackdown of the South

As one of the south’s largest RC heli events, the Smackdown of the South as been turning heads for three years. Although it started out as a small event, showcasing the talents of mostly local pilots, the word about the event quickly spread, and today’s Smackdown is a relatively large event with an even larger […]