Canadian Smack

Canadian Smack

Canadian Smack

Here is Chris with his Freya X-Spec.

Watch How “Sluggo” Manhandles This R/C Helicopter!

Chris Lalonde makes it look too easy…

Lesson 1: Stall Turns

The Stall Turn is probably the first ‘Real’ maneuver that should be learned. (Autos will be argued by some but hey, this is my page) You should be comfortable with flipping to Idle Up to maintain a good head speed. If not, go directly to Jail, do Not pass Go, and do Not collect $200. […]

Alan Szabo Aerogra 2007

Watch how this R/C helicopter gets pushed to its limit… Alan Szabo Shows You His Stuff Unthinkable, unimaginable, incredible, beyond conception and beyond the bounds of possibility! That’s what you’ll cry when you see this video…

4 Yrs Old XFC Halftime Demo

4 Yrs Old XFC Halftime Demo Watch how this kid flies his heli. Flips, rolls and even crashes. And Yes he’s only 4 years old. 4 Year Old RC Helicopter Pilot This kid is simply amazing!

Justin Chi 600 T-Rex

Justin Chi 600 T-Rex Watch how Justin demonstrates his moves with some flips and inverted just to name a few. Sneak A Peek At What This Kid Can Do With A Heli!