World Champion Pilot Jason Krause

World Champion Pilot Jason Krause

If you think it’s difficult to properly fly an RC heli in the open air, try flying it in an office. That’s right; you read it correctly. World Champion pilot Jason Krause gives an impressive display of pure focus and control in his viral video “A Day at the Office.”

2006 Mark McAlpine Scale FunFly

Mark McAlpine Scale FunFly

In a wicked display of pure control, unadulterated talent, and a propensity for living on the edge, Alan Szabo Jr. turns RC heli critics into true believers with the awesome demo he puts on using his newly motored Align T-Rex 600 E. Taking place at the 2006 Mark McAlpine Scale FunFly in Las Vegas, Nevada, Alan shows fans a world’s worth of aerial stunts in only 4 minutes.

The OS 91 for F3C Competition


All over the world, there are literally millions of people who live for F3C heli competition. They’re not out purchasing the latest beginning copters for $199.99 and hoping to avoid a crash in the nearest gulley. To the contrary, competition pilots give their heart, soul, and wallets to this enthusiastic sport, all the while learning […]

Gaui 200 Hurricane 3D


Okay, guys, the next time your girlfriend says “size matters,” make sure you fire up your heli and mow over her hairdo while she’s watching Oprah. And don’t use that gigantic T-Rex to show your masculinity. Make sure you surprise her with the small and compact mini heli, the Gaui 200 Hurricane. This mini copter […]

Thunder Tiger Raptor E550

The Thunder Tiger Raptor E550

You don’t just get behind the wheel of a car and drive across country on your first ever driving attempt. Can you imagine the disastrous results? The same applies for a RC helicopter. You don’t want to fork over thousands of bucks for the best heli on the market, only to dig a hole with […]

The Micro Align T-Rex 250


Micro RC helicopters are among some of the most popular models in circulation today. These do-it-yourself choppers are used both indoors and outdoors, in competitions, and provide countless hours of flying fun. There’s really no discernable difference with a micro heli, other than the fact it can flown in smaller spaces. When it comes down […]

Phoenix Model Flight Simulator

The Phoenix Model Flight Simulator

Before astronauts are launched into space, they’re given plenty of practice on flight simulators. The reason: it saves lives and helps to build a good pilot. You won’t see this type of dedication watching your run-of-the-mill deep space movie. The same logic applies with RC helicopters. If you’re not already savvy on flying your copter […]