What is the deal with mCCPM and eCCPM?

I know how tough it is being a beginner. I was there once. It’s already hard to grasp all the terminology that’s floating all over the place, but lucky you, I have more… What I am going to do is tell you a little more about the swash plate. I want to go into more […]

How To Track Your R/C Helicopter Blades

Track your blades? I really didn’t know what the heck that meant. I’m certain I am not the only beginner that had this challenge.
I’m going to explain tracking based on what I have learned throughout the years. People might have different and possibly better tracking methods, but I will break it down for you from my perspective.

Amazing Open Pilot Copter Control FPV

Amazing Open Pilot Copter Control FPV

Watch the good speed and great control Juz has with this copter. This First Person View ( FPV ) video is his first flight test with this new Open Pilot Copter Control offering him accurate flying characteristics and confidence.

The AP-2000i Flight Stabilizer


Whether you’re a new RC heli pilot, looking to keep your flights on the straight and narrow, an old pro trying to trick out every copter in your collection with the latest tech gadgets, or even an aerial photographer always on the lookout for the perfect balance, nothing on the market today seems to be […]

Exceed G2 Version 2


The Exceed RC G2 is a 3D aerobatic capable 400 Class electric 6-Channel RTF helicopter. This model was developed by Raptor, one of the leading names in RC models today. The heli is ready to fly out of the box in mere minutes, and includes everything you need to get it straight up in the […]

Century Raven SE


The Raven brand of RC heli has been one of these trusted names for a long time now. They’ve introduced the modeling world to a few mega-popular helis, and their latest release, the Century SE, comes fully equipped with the necessary upgrades needed to compete in today’s high-flying marketplace. The Century SE is a familiar […]

Blade 400 3D RTF Electric Mini Helicopter


There’s a lot to be said about convenience. When you purchase something, regardless of what it is, being able to use it as soon as you get it out of the box is always a plus. And when you talk about the many models of RC Helis available out there, ready-to-fly models are always among […]