The Airtronics 2.4 GHz RDS8000 FHSS

For enthusiasts of the RC heli world, you know all too well about the sophisticated 2.4 GHz radio control systems.

This is the new step in wireless control. With less interference and superior response time, the 2.4 GHz controls are now considered the norm with many helis.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still thousands of RC helicopters out there operating without this latest technology.

And if you’ve yet to make the change and upgrade to something better, maybe it’s time you got with the program and checked out what Airtronics is offering with their RDS8000 FHSS.

Once a fleeting name in the world of RC modeling, Airtronics is now making a roaring comeback with their new and improved, ultra sophisticated computerized remote control unit.

The Airtronics 2.4 GHz RDS8000 FHSS

The Airtronics 2.4 GHz RDS8000 FHSS

The RDS8000 is the next logical step up from the RD8000. Only this time around, the 2.4 tech control is earning a lot more respect. The RDS acts more like a universal remote for your TV than a conventional RC controller.

Simply program the Airtronics controller to your particular RC heli, and you now have the 2.4 technology you’ve been waiting for.

Since the RDS is set up to accommodate both fixed-wing plans and helicopters, the goose may not appreciate what the gander has to go through to achieve full throttle.

For example, the switch layout may not be overly comfortable for a heli flyer. However, the instruction manual of the RDS gives easy, step-by-step instructions on how to simply switch the controls over to make them more convenient for the copter crowd.

You’ll even receive wire ties and switch labels to help you fully integrate the permanent change.

The large LCD display on the transmitter gives it a sleek look. And there’s nothing overly fancy about the layout; it’s basically set up like your traditional controller.

The stick tension is fully adjustable, and the gimbals have a smooth feel for ultimate comfort while flying. The receiver included with the system is a full-range, 8-channel receiver.

The push button link to easily pair the receiver to the transmitter is easily found, and a red LED lights indicates receiver status.

For further information on this product and how it may work out for you, RC Heli Magazine has a full report on the ins and outs of the functioning capabilities. To purchase this product, you’ll pay around $250 when you include shipping. It can be purchased directly from Airtronics site to cut back on the third-party markups.

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