Lesson 4: Inverted Flight

Do not stress out over inverted flying. Now with simulators, learning inverted hovering and flight is easier than ever before. It is just a matter of going out to the field and doing it. Also, a heading hold gyro will make inverted flying a lot simpler because you don’t have to worry about the tail […]

Lesson 3: Rolls

If you are still a little shaky doing loops and stall turns, GOOD. If this was ‘easy’ more people would be flying Helicopters. Rolls are probably the most intimidating of the basic maneuvers. Questions about roll rate, revo settings, and sustaining head speed at negative pitch settings SHOULD be on your mind. If you have […]

Lesson 2: Loops

The Stall Turn was good practice for using both thumbs and getting a feel for the heli in abnormal flying positions. Your head speed should now be well adjusted for idle up and the tail rotor revo mixing. The heli should be close to being able to fly fast forward flight, in idle up, without […]

Lesson 1: Stall Turns

The Stall Turn is probably the first ‘Real’ maneuver that should be learned. (Autos will be argued by some but hey, this is my page) You should be comfortable with flipping to Idle Up to maintain a good head speed. If not, go directly to Jail, do Not pass Go, and do Not collect $200. […]