The 4th Annual Smackdown of the South

As one of the south’s largest RC heli events, the Smackdown of the South as been turning heads for three years. Although it started out as a small event, showcasing the talents of mostly local pilots, the word about the event quickly spread, and today’s Smackdown is a relatively large event with an even larger following.

The event is sponsored by the Cobb Country Radio Control Modeler’s Club (CCRC), and the two-day event is a chance for pilots – wherever they may be located – to make the trek down south and compete for prizes while showing their skill-sets off to the spectators.

The 4th edition of this event will take place on May 23 and 24 of this year (2009), from 9 a.m. ‘til 9 p.m.

Since this year’s event is AMA Sanctioned, all pilots most currently possess an AMA membership to participate as a pilot. However, there’s no certification needed to simply watch the event from the grounds and have a great time.

In fact, it’s encouraged; the more the merrier. If you’re a pilot looking to stretch your wings, a landing fee of $20 is authorized, but a free lunch will be given out to pilots on the 23rd. Food and drink will be available via concession throughout the fun-fly event.

If you’re not familiar with the Smackdown of the South and what type of competition takes place there, you can find some vids on sites like YouTube that display the talent of these heli pilots and the types of contests held.

All told, over $500 in prize money is given away, and some of the events will even be held at night.

However, there’s no overnight camping allowed on the grounds, so be prepared to stay in a hotel/motel, unless you’ve brought an RV and have a permissible place to park it. The bright side here is that there are dozens of suitable motels located within a 10-mile radius of the grounds.

This year’s event is slated to be the largest yet. If you want to join in on the fun fly and enter the 4th Annual Smackdown of the South – as a spectator or pilot – simply show up at 2302 Pitner Rd. N.W. Acworth, GA, 30101.

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