4 Yrs Old XFC Halftime Demo

4 Yrs Old XFC Halftime Demo

Watch how this kid flies his heli. Flips, rolls and even crashes. And Yes he’s only 4 years old.

4 Year Old RC Helicopter Pilot

This kid is simply amazing!

Introducing 5 years old Justin Chi (Last name is pronounced like a letter G) form New York.

Here he is flying a Hurricane R/C helicopter at the Las Vegas Fun-Fly & Align 3D Competition.

I first found out about him not too long ago when he was four years old and he was flying back then, too!

This was his first heli competition. Placed 5th in 600 Advance at 5 years 8 months old!

You will definitely see more videos here at helifever of this kid.

When you see this video you’ll know why I think he is talented at flying R/C helicopters.

^ Click the play button to view the video

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