2006 Mark McAlpine Scale FunFly

In a wicked display of pure control, unadulterated talent, and a propensity for living on the edge, Alan Szabo Jr. turns RC heli critics into true believers with the awesome demo he puts on using his newly motored Align T-Rex 600 E. Taking place at the 2006 Mark McAlpine Scale FunFly in Las Vegas, Nevada, Alan shows fans a world’s worth of aerial stunts in only 4 minutes.

Listen to the purr of the engine as Alan takes off in his T-Rex. It sounds like the green light at Talladega – a sound of pure beauty to a modeler like Alan who’s always looking for ways to constantly improve on his model’s performance.

After take off, Alan immediately slams the heli down again; then back up, back down, repeatedly, showing the impressively fast and agile maneuvering capability of his rig. The loud hum of the new engine is fully powered by his 300-dollar-plus Thunder Power battery.

With the improvements made to the collective pitch of the heli, Alan is easily able to switch in and out of upside-down flight repeatedly, even while maneuvering the T-Rex at amazing speeds.

The flight time eventually dies out and Alan has to bring the T-Rex home for a landing. He never misses a beat as the heli goes from full maneuvering speed to perfect landing in an instant. Also, check out his masterful autorotation technique.

His talent for flying is definitely top-notch. There is little doubt after seeing this video that RC modeling is on the rise and will soon take on a whole new niche of customers thanks to videos like this.

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